Director of Photography – Feature Film

”The Cutting Room Floor” Watch a one minute excerpt

SAG Signatory [Mod. Lw. Bdgt. Agreemnt.]

16/35mm B & W Feature

Multi-camera sync-sound studio production. Conceptualized, developed and executed a complete lighting and shooting method devised to accomplish the particular requirements of an unorthodox cinematographic, emulsion based, Production & Post-Production workflow and schedule. Designed & fabricated a studio and film-set created to conform to the projects’ exact needs.. Also; engineered and implemented a production-specific apparatus to singularly slate, operate, & monitor two synch- sound 16mm blimped Arriflex cameras. {In Post}.

Director of Photography – Feature Length Documentary

“An African River Rises”: The D’jenne Initiative

Director: Jean-Louise Bourgeois

On location: Mali – West Africa

16mm COLOR

DoP: Supervised, in situ, the design, building and outfitting of a unique film-boat to my needs and specifications.  The vessel, retrofitted from 2 traditional fishing boats and repurposed into a stylized catamaran that could pan on its axis – and combined with an extended cantilevered camera platform that hung inches above the water – provided the basis of visual approach for the film.  The 51 foot twin-hulled craft – constructed largely by using a fire-heated nail as a drill bit – with a crew of 12, generator, satellite up-link, & accommodations navigated and documented some of the cultural conditions – from the Rivers point of view – in and around the Niger river basin. {In Post}.


Roepnack Racks: Unique film grip/lighting racks

Roepnack Racks: Custom Film Grip/Lighting Racks

  • Roepnack Racks: Unique film Grip/Lighting racks
  • Rotating matte box
  • Motion control system